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Final Four Preview

Final Four Preview

Daniel Dalenberg Staff Writer The first two weekends of March Madness are complete and as always, they did not disappoint.  After a trip of unexpected twists and turns, the field of 68 has been trimmed down to four.  The Final Four: South Carolina, Gonzaga, Oregon and North Carolina. This upcoming Saturday, both national semifinal games … Continue reading


AdeptiCon Gaming Con 2017

Claudia Rojas Staff Writer Thousands of war gamers attended the tabletop war gaming convention that came into town at the Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel this past weekend. The convention center was packed with people who love to play tabletop miniature war games and the attendees were able to meet and bond with others who shared … Continue reading


Let’s Avoid Designer Babies

Omair Ali Perspectives Editor Imagine you and your loved one had the ability to customize the genetic makeup of your future unborn child to perfection with the traits you most desire. Whether it’s eye color, athletic performance or even intelligence. This dream-like scenario is slowly becoming a reality, as the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool is … Continue reading