Mold Problems at BenU

19 Oct

Michelle Reilly

News Editor

Mold on campus has always been something of concern in years’ past and recently, there has been mold found in both residence halls and buildings where classes are held.

Mold found in Anderson Hall in Founders Woods this October

Mold found in Anderson Hall in Founders Woods this October.

Mold was spotted in a quad apartment in Anderson, a Founders Woods apartment building, just two weeks into the 2015 -2016 school year, according to resident, Kyle Bock. In one of the bathrooms, the mold was found on the ceiling by Bock and his roommate, Andrew Hotze. Bock said he and Hotze contacted maintenance and it took them over a week to reply to the message, come in and check out the situation. The mold was back within another week according to Bock. This time, the school hired outside contractors to come and help with the situation. The contractors cut a hole in the ceiling of the bathroom that exposed the mold that was trapped in the walls. The hole was left open and the residents were told they were okay to use the bathroom still Bock stated.

“Our Facilities Management team immediately addressed these types of unforeseen issues, and will always contact a professional environmental consulting firm to correct. Benedictine University’s primary responsibility and concern is always for the health, safety and well-being of all our students, faculty, staff and guests,” said Chad Treisch, Facilities Management Executive Director.

“After showering in that bathroom for two weeks, we began to feel sick and got in contact with the school again. Someone told us we were going to need to move out for seven to nine days. Yet, we still had to live there for five more days in unsafe living conditions,” explained Bock. The men were temporarily relocated to different apartments for two weeks and were ultimately able to return and finish out the semester.

Bock believed the mold made him sick to the point where he needed to go to the hospital. “I was feeling terrible for weeks, so my mom took me to the hospital and the doctor determined it was most definitely because of the mold that was in my apartment,” he stated.

Mold found in Anderson Hall in Founders Woods this October

Mold found in Anderson Hall in Founders Woods this October.

One of Bock’s roommates also had issues with mold. Chris Rafacz was in the same apartment as Bock with the mold outbreak last year, and he ran into the same issues again this fall. “I came back to school early for athletic training and when I was moving in, I was informed that I had to switch apartments across the hall because they had found mold in my apartment”,  said Rafacz. Not only did he start the year this way, but just a couple weeks ago, Rafacz and his roommates found a pool of water in their bedrooms.

Rafacz says they contacted maintenance immediately and found there was mold when maintenance tore into the walls of one of the bathrooms. The four men were forced to move out of the apartment for the time being and have yet to return. As for what the process has been like to remove the mold from the apartment, Rafacz’s girlfriend, Aliya Murray, was present for a meeting with some staff members and the roommates. According to Murray, a staff member said they sometimes use a type of paint, “Kilz”, to try and kill the surface mold. However, according to Rafacz, the mold was actually inside their walls.

Love Your Melon Day

19 Oct

Help Us Battle Pediatric Cancer One Melon at a Time

By: Michelle Reilly

News Editor

For those who don’t know, Love Your Melon is an organization that helps improve the lives of children battling cancer in America. The idea came from an entrepreneurship class at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota by a couple of students. Since 2012, Love Your Melon has functioned as an apparel brand that is dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America, along with supporting other nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer.

When you purchase a hat or other apparel from Love Your Melon, you are helping kids fight cancer. 50% of net proceeds from the sale of all products are donated to Love Your Melon’s nonprofit partners, who work in the field of pediatric oncology, fund cancer research initiatives and provide immediate support for families of children battling cancer. The other half of the earnings from the sale will be going directly to the kids themselves.

This organization was founded by two college students and has been spreading to campuses throughout the United States. Each crew runs on a credit system. Make sure to show your support on October 20th, which has been dubbed, Love Your Melon Day, by buying a hat or one of the other apparel items from their website, and to spread the word to your friends.

Men’s Soccer Unbeaten Streak Snapped in Loss to MSOE

19 Oct

Logan Hanson

Sports Editor

The Benedictine Men’s Soccer team lost a close game to fellow NACC conference member MSOE 3-2 Saturday night at the Lisle Sports Complex. The loss marked the team’s first conference loss this season as well as their first loss in seven games.

“Tonight was an exciting game of college soccer,” said Head Coach Attila Schmidt, “It’s not often that you see both teams miss on penalty kick opportunities. MSOE is a well-coached team and did a great job of capitalizing on their opportunities tonight.”

The conference matchup was a battle throughout as the Eagles started off the game with a strong offensive attack. However, it was MSOE that drew first blood as they held off the Eagles offense to score their own goal in the 10th minute. The Eagles were not deterred as they responded with a goal by Freshman Forward Aldreiron Smith late in the half to tie the game at one going into the break.

The second half saw a flurry of action early as MSOE scored in the 50th minute and following some solid defense added to their score with another goal in the 57th minute giving them the 3-1 advantage. The Eagles would not back down though, responding within one minute with a goal by Sophomore Forward Erik Stammer. Both offenses would trade threats to the defense, but were denied goals as the ended with an Eagles loss 3-2.

“In the second half we gave up two goals by not coming out with the energy we normally have,” said Junior Midfielder Nick Kapetanos, “Our chances could not find the back of the net and in the end we fell short.”

The Eagles next game will be another conference matchup as they will go on the road to face Rockford University on Wednesday.



Women’s Volleyball Swept by Concordia-Wisconsin

19 Oct

Logan Hanson

Sports Editor

The Benedictine Women’s Volleyball plays Concordia University Wisconsin Friday night at the Rice Center.

The Benedictine Women’s Volleyball plays Concordia University Wisconsin Friday night at the Rice Center.

The Benedictine Women’s Volleyball team fell in consecutive matches to Concordia University Wisconsin Friday night at the Rice Center. The loss marked the Eagles third loss to conference opponents.

“CUW is a solid team.  I think that we made too many mistakes and weren’t able to put the ball away as much as we needed to,” said Head Coach Jennifer Wildes, “We still had opportunities to win the second set but weren’t able to finish. Had we won that one, it could have turned things around for us in the third set.”

The Eagles started out slow against the Falcons as they allowed a 5-0 run in the first set. The Eagles would not lead the entire first set as they fell to the Falcons 25-18 in the first. The second set went much better for the Eagles as they took an early lead and held a two point advantage late into the set. Concordia Wisconsin would not go down easily however as a couple key kills tied the match at 25. A back and forth battle late in the set ended on with a Concordia Wisconsin kill as they took the second set 28-26.

The Eagles started off on fire in the third set taking an early 9-1 lead as Sophomore Defensive Specialist Kristina Billie recorded three aces during the stretch. The Eagles could not keep up their dominant pace however allowing Concordia Wisconsin to tie the match at 12. After a few even rallies, Concordia Wisconsin went on the offensive to take the set 25-21 and completing the sweep.

“We had some really great moments in this match,” said Junior Defensive Specialist Vanessa Possidoni, “We weren’t able to walk away with a win, but I have confidence that our great flashes we saw can be more consistent in future matches.”

The Eagles next match will be on the road where they look to right the ship against conference opponent Concordia University Chicago Tuesday Night in River Forest.

The Bears Stink

19 Oct

Daniel Dalenberg

Staff Writer

Going into the fourth quarter on Sunday, the Chicago Bears led the Jacksonville Jaguars 13-0.  But in my heart I knew somehow, some way, the Bears would find a way to lose… because it’s the Bears.  Low and behold the Jaguars got right back in it with a Chris Ivory touchdown run.  Both teams traded field goals after that, making the score 16-10.  The Jaguars had the ball at their own 49 yard line with about three minutes left to go in the game.

Then, right on cue, Jaguars Quarterback Blake Bortles found Wide Receiver Arrelious Ben for a 51 yard touchdown that gave the Jaguars the lead 17-16.  With ample time left on the clock and only down one point, the Bears still had a pretty good chance to win, all they needed was a field goal.  With about a minute left, the Bears had 4th and 10 on the Jaguars’ 48 yard line.  Bears Quarterback Brian Hoyer threw an incomplete pass to Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery that essentially ended the game.  But I wasn’t surprised… nor did I care.  I knew it was coming the whole game.

At this point, I want the Bears to lose.  This year’s team is going nowhere fast.  With the Packers and Vikings up next on the schedule, a 1-7 record seems imminent. I would rather have the Bears lose and end up with a high draft pick so we can select a QB (cough cough Deshaun Watson cough cough), rather than beating a team like the Jags.

On the bright side, I LOVE Jordan Howard.  According to ESPN fantasy analyst Matthew Berry, Howard has had either a touchdown or 90 total yards in all four games he has 10 or more touches.  Also, Bears Wide Receiver Cameron Meredith has looked pretty good while filling in for the injured Wide Receiver Kevin White.  Since earning a starting role against the Colts last week, Meredith has had 243 yards and a touchdown.

So the rest of the season, instead of rooting for the Bears to win, root for their young players to play well and improve because that is what it takes to build future success.  In conclusion… the Bears suck.

Variety’s Power of Women Luncheon

19 Oct

Emily Nitti

Staff Writer

This past week a luncheon was held in honor of some of the most influential women in pop culture. Amongst these women were: Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, Lavern Cox and many more all of whom came together to celebrate women. Rachel Bloom hosted the Power of Women luncheon this year, which was presented by Lifetime.

This year’s Power of Women honoree was Helen Mirren, and she focused her lecture on gender and equality in the workplace. She feels as though women more than ever, need to vote to ensure rights become equal in workplaces between men and women. Alongside Mirren—Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, and Lavern Cox were also honored and focused on the importance gender equality.

According to, Mirren said, “I feel there is an earthquake and there is a real, real possibility for change [that] will have an incredible impact all over the world. It’s time for the best role model in the White House.”

Mirren had also invited a 12-year-old boy from a charity she supports, the Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY). Miley Cyrus had chosen to speak about her own charity, The Happy Hippie Foundation, which helps homeless and LGBT youth. Cyrus had talked about how important it was for women to feel empowered, and make the choice of who they want in power for our country.

According to Cyrus had said, “I just want to say to anyone who has ever felt like they’re different or they don’t fit in, I want you to take that victory and feel like you’re not alone. I’m wishing for peace and love on our planet because hate and war has gone on way too long.”

All of these influential women want to empower those across the nation and let them know that their voice is more powerful than ever.

Avocado Recipes

19 Oct

Scene Editor

Jacqueline Gorr

There are many different recipes that you can make with Avocado. They are easy and good for a typical college student who is trying to eat healthy. First of all Avocados are very nutritious because they include multiple vitamins and potassium. They do not contain cholesterol or sodium. They contain fatty acids such as the healthy heart fatty acid. Not only are they very good for you, there are plenty of recipes you can incorporate avocados in. For breakfast there is a simple recipe that will be good for your morning routine. If you simply toast a piece of white toast and cut up avocado and put it on top of the toast it is an easy quick breakfast to make when you are walking out the door to go to work or class.picture1

Something that would be good for lunch would be an avocado salad. This salad will contain two avocados, tomato, cucumber, red onion and lime juice. This is healthy and easy to make. All it takes is a matter of cutting all of the ingredients.


As you can see you can add avocado to any recipe that you make. There are plenty of dinner options that are made with avocado or you can add it in. When you have a chicken or fish dish, you can always add avocado. There is a dish that is called grilled chicken with mango. Mango and chicken go well together and what makes it even better is when you add tomatoes and avocados. If you make a sandwich or a BLT, adding avocado gives it extra flavor. The last recipe that would be good for dinner is chicken tortilla soup with avocado. This includes chicken broth, rotisserie chicken, cilantro, jalapeno, cheese and avocado.


The final recipe is for dessert and that is avocado pudding. I got this recipe form Kourtney Kardashian. She says she makes it almost every day. This requires one avocado, one cup of milk, a teaspoon of vanilla and ¼ cup of sugar. This is a sweet and healthy treat for dessert that can be made with a blender in 5 minutes.  picture4