Last Club Ben of the Year Delivers

4 May

Last Club Ben of the Year Delivers

By: Michelle Reilly

What do you do when you’re stressing over finals and papers to calm down? If you go to Benedictine University, you know the answer to that question. Go to Club Ben. The last Club Ben of the year was country themed and was held on Saturday, April 30 from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

If you aren’t familiar, Club Ben started two years ago so students could have somewhere to go on campus on the weekends. It’s an event where Coal Ben gets turned into a dance club for that night and there are drinks available for those who are 21. The tables and chairs are moved out of the eating area so there is room to dance and of course for resident DJ Pharaoh to provide the entertainment for the night.

While it was dubbed “Country Party”, music from all genres was played. The country theme was made more for the attire for the night, as many students showed up wearing their flannels or cowboy boots and hats.

“I wasn’t going to go tonight because I hate country music, but I’m so glad I did. The music was great and wasn’t just country, thank God,” says junior Aliya Murray.

Saturday night was one of the last times students could go out and be with their friends on campus before the semester ends in less than two weeks.

When looking back at the night, fellow student, Chris Rafacz says, “it was very energetic and a great way to wrap up the semester with everyone.”

Unfortunately, now it’s time to get back to studying and doing those projects and papers for finals week. On the bright side, at least we got one night where we didn’t have to worry about any of that.

Special Announcement from The Candor Staff

4 May

By Marissa Perez, News Editor

With mixed emotions, The Candor staff has decided to discontinue its print edition. Starting in the fall semester of 2016 The Candor will go completely digital, including social media aspects such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Statistics have shown that most of the students, faculty and staff use the online version of the newspaper over print. Not only will this be efficient from an environmental stand point but it will also be an economically wise decision, too.

The Candor has been printing since the early 1980’s, before the internet had boomed and social media had impacted most of our daily lives. Most people in today use social media as their primary source for news; it’s fast, normally brief, and is easy to share. This is something that printed press lacks.

The goal of this movement is to provide readers more up-to-date coverage of news happening on and around campus, as well as around the world. Instead of a weekly update, The Candor staffs plans on submitting articles shortly after an event occurs.

Our social media pages will include constant updated statuses with links to our latest articles. We also hope to include stats of games as they occurring. It will be a change that we hope can benefit readers and help us track what topics they most enjoy reading.

We would like to end the school year by wishing everyone a relaxing summer break. Good luck to all the students on their finals and congratulations to all graduating seniors.

If anyone is interested in being a part of our team or would like more details about us, please email

A Small Taste of India

4 May

by Nabiha Asim

Indian Student Association hosts a food stall with various other cultural clubs on campus.

A street food vendor, commonly found in India or Pakistan, visited the Kindlon Atrium on Thursday February 28th. The Indian Student Association (ISA) collaborated with multiple clubs such as Hindu Student Association (HSA), Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Black Student Union (BSU) to provide variety of foods and make it open for everyone.

From 11-2 p.m., students were exposed to different cultural foods such as Chole and Paneer Kabobs served by ISA, Bhel and Vada Pav provided by HSA, Hummus and Pita chips from MSA and Rice Gumbo and Fried Tilapia brought by BSU.

“We wanted a way for the different cultural and religious organizations on campus to come together and give back to the community, while showcasing a huge aspect of our different cultures: food,” ISA President Ajay Pius said.

Starting in spring 2015, ISA has been seeking to reach its goal to create common cultural grounds between individuals despite religious affiliations and differences one finds in India according to the ISA presidents.

“We realized that there are so many religions that people are affiliated within one culture and sometimes it became difficult to participate in all events hosted by other spiritual clubs unless you were of the same religion. Therefore, ISA was a way for everyone to interact without worrying about needing a religious/spiritual connection and were still able to engage in cultural activities,” President Shivani Patel said.
In addition to food stalls, ISA promotes Indian culture with other small events such as Chai and Krispy Kreme sales, Samosa sales, Bollywood movie nights. Larger events include India Night and first time events formal and Taste Around the World which were all executed successfully according to Patel.

“Our events are created in order to bring the student body together whether it is to embrace Indian culture experience the Indian culture. We are proud of who we are and we would like to share this with our classmates,” Patel said.

ISA general body meetings teach students about different aspects culture including Indian weddings, education, the Bollywood film industry and Indian food.

Rihanna and Leo Spotted Together at Coachella

4 May

Other couples spotted at the music festival as well

Tatanisha Wooley


AA-list celebrities and rumor couple Rihanna and Leo DiCaprio were spotted together at the popular musical festival, Coachella. This year it took place in Thermal, California on Saturday, April 16, where the rumored couple was spotted talking; It was reported that Leo was seen whispering in Rihanna’s ear!!! The jealousy was too real at least for me. As a Ryan Gosling fan and biggest celebrity crush, I cannot deny the love for Leo. I would never pick Leo over Ryan, but he is Jack from Titanic; Most can agree that they do not want to see Jack with Rihanna. I love Ri-Ri, but I don’t think she is the right woman for Leo. The two won’t last long but you never know; stranger things have happened in Hollywood. Rihanna snuck into the back of the event with some girlfriends. People spotted Leo make his way over to Rihanna’s table and he looked really happy to see the “Work” singer. This isn’t the first time the two were spotted together, at Rihanna’s 27th birthday party they were seen getting cozy. I do want Leo to settle down but definitely not with Rihanna. The ultimate bachelor needs to settle down and breaking the hearts of models and other celebrities alike.

Leo and Rihanna were not the only celebrities spotted together at the event, there were many other A-listers partying away at the festival. Jared Leto, who will play the Joker in the upcoming film “Suicide Squad”, was spotted enjoying the festivities. Paris Hilton and Kylie Jenner, who are huge Coachella fans, were seen dancing and partying away. Another rumored couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were seen together. I’m just glad that Katy is finally done with John Mayer. All the back and forth with the breakup/makeup was getting really annoying. Another are they couple but are now on the outs again Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were together. Pretty Little Liars star Ashely Benson and BFF Vanessa Hudgens attended the event. Rising star Michael B. Jordan was seen at the festival and he was alone meaning the movie star is on the status of single. If you are looking for a great time and want to be with your favorite celebrities Coachella is the event for you.

Jennifer Aniston is chosen for People’s “World’s Most Beautiful Women” for 2016

4 May

From health tips to beauty tips, she has them all

Jacqueline Gorr


Jennifer Aniston is an award winning actress that took home the award for people’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman Award” and this is the second time. Jennifer had names in mind of who her beauty icons were and they are Gloria Steinem and Lauren Hutton.
“I feel the most beautiful after I work out,” said Aniston. She really stressed the fact that having a healthy diet and exercising daily is a fact for having the completion you wants when you get older.

When Jennifer was in her 20s, she never used to worry about what she put in her body but, she feels that everyone is starting to be more conscious about it. What makes it easy for her is that she monitors what she eats and is not necessarily on a strict diet. Jennifer always had self confidence in everything that she does.
When you are a celebrity you can be put into situations that can be toxic but, Jennifer never let it get to her in a way where it affected her health or her appearance. When Jennifer started out in the show Friends, she was known as one of the most beautiful woman on TV. When you see Jennifer on the red carpet she is known for having natural makeup, which resembles of what she always looked like in Friends. She believes that less makeup is more and said her husband Justin Theroux prefers her without any makeup.

She is really supportive of women and loves giving advice to fans because she believes that all women are in this journey together. Some of the advice that she has given is how to take care of your skin. As long as you eat healthy, drink a lot of water and get plenty of sleep then that is key to a glowing youthful face.
Jennifer has beauty secrets that she shares since she was the world’s most beautiful woman in 2004. She uses products every day that anyone can buy at your local drugstore. She uses the L’Oréal sublime bronze self-tanning lotion to get her glowing skin and uses Vaseline to condition her eyelashes. Her favorite item to use is the la femme pencil because it’s a quick and easy item to apply. It is half concealer and the other half is highlighter. She also uses expensive products as well such as Mila Moursi Lifting Serum which costs $440.

Aniston is the face of Aveeno because she is known for using their products. Aveeno is about having a natural look when using their products and about having natural ingredients within them. Jennifer has been with Aveeno since 2012. People magazine doesn’t just pick anyone to be the world’s most beautiful woman. They have qualities that they look for in a woman that will best represent women out there in the world. They look for a woman who is a role model to other women out there that can relate to other people’s concerns and can set a good example on how to represent yourself with being your natural self and they thought Jennifer Aniston has those qualities.

Influential Women from the book 4,000 years of Uppity Women by Vicki Leon

4 May

Jasy Jones, Perspectives Editor

The Story of Chime

Chiyome is a Japanese woman of the Renaissance era that deserves a place in our history books. Never would I have thought that such an amazing story existed. This is the kind of story that needs to be made into a film or recognized in society. A Japanese woman decided that she wanted to create a ninja training school for girls while her husband was away on “Warlord business”. She took in runaways, orphans, and children that were unwanted and secretly trained them in “martial arts, knives, swords, spears, and an ax-spear combo called the halberd” (paragraph 4). These girls learned how to use their bodies and minds to better themselves in espionage. Madame Chiyome saw that ninjas were in demand and made an entire school to train them. I wonder how she actually started her business. It is not easy starting a business, let alone an entire school for secret spy ninjas.

This story was, by far, the most interesting story in the Renaissance era because we mostly learn about women that were strong rulers of countries or women that were extremely talented in their profession. We do not hear much about women that want to start businesses, take stray children into their home, and train them to be ninjas. She had to have planned this for years before it began. Did she find other people to train them or did she train them herself in the beginning? That would just raise her level of awe-inspiring because this woman knew these arts and how to handle these weapons. Madame Chiyome is a true inspiration. In modern times, having women train like this probably would not be too popular because they would often use their bodies to get the information they needed and that is too close to prostitution. During her time, though, this was an amazing feat and more people should learn about her.

The Story of Katie Von Bora

Katie Von Bora was the wife of the famous Martin Luther of the Renaissance era. She was one of the nuns that wanted to convert to be a Protestant. Martin Luther was finding husbands for all the women, but Katie Von Bora only wanted him. Martin Luther did not want to marry her because he believed that he would die soon because of his rebellion toward the Catholic Church. She was completely persistent, though, because she was adamant that he had to be her husband. She was so persistent that he married her, even though he did not love her and she got to be the mother of great children with him as her husband. This story just shows how great this woman had to be because throughout all of her persistence and with her great personality, he fell in love with her and made him realize how important women are.

This story reminded me of Lifetime movies. This woman is such a perfect match for him, but he does not realize it until later in life. She was such a great partner for him that he even called her “’my lord Katie’ and ‘my rib’” (paragraph 4). Martin Luther believed that women should not be in a position of dominance, but once he married her “he wrote, ‘Get you a wife and then your mind, however fussy, will become straight as a ribbon. It will be reduced to one idea: Do and think as she wishes” (paragraph 6). She completely changed his mind. Their love story must have been something beautiful to watch flourish. Another reason why this story is so great is because of her famous last words before she died, “I will stick to Christ as a burr to a topcoat” (paragraph 8). This shows her strong personality, her belief in the Protestant religion and Martin Luther, himself. She was clearly a great woman doing great things.

The Story of Vittoria Colonna

Vittoria Colonna was the best friend of the famous artist, Michelangelo and it was a beautiful relationship. A quote from the book that describes their relationship is “Vittoria was a spiritual rocks, his teacher, his intellectual sparring partner, and the sole person in whom he confided his perplexity and anguish about the rapidly changing world they both lived in, and how to survive in it” (paragraph 4). While studying women in history, you hear a lot about women that were forced to marry famous kings and princes or were their concubines. You see a lot of women that were ditched by their spouses or ignored by them and that are how they gained their fame, but with Vittoria Colonna it was different.

She was just being a great friend and inspiration to someone and because of that support became famous. Their relationship was platonic, there were probably times where it toed the line, but in the end they never got together. It is refreshing to see a woman come to fame without having to be forced to marry or have sex with a man that had already gained fame. This woman was such a great friend to him that he was there on her deathbed. One thing about their relationship that really made me feel how connected they were was what Michelangelo said to friend after she had died. He had said that “he greatly wished he’d kissed her face, instead of merely her hand, in farewell” (paragraph 5) when she was on her deathbed.

Can Joint Pain Predict the Weather?

4 May

Can Joint Pain Predict the Weather?

By: Elana Garay, Sports Editor

One of the many sayings is that when the joints ache that then a storm is coming. “One leading theory points to changes in air pressure. Although many people say that their pain worsens with damp, rainy weather, research has shown that it’s not the cold, wind, rain, or snow”, states from WebMD. The joints may also be sensitive to the pressure in climate change which then could possibly predict that a storm is coming. Further explanation, “The suspect most often singled out by arthritis sufferers and researchers is a drop in barometric pressure, which is the pressure exerted by the air around us. A drop in barometric pressure often precedes a storm, and the theory goes that a decrease in the air pressure can cause the tissues around the joints to swell, causing arthritic pain”, states the medical website. An example is used, “Proponents of the idea use a balloon in a barometric chamber as a simulator. If the pressure outside drops, the air in the balloon expands. If the same happened in the area around an arthritic joint, the expansion or swelling could irritate the nerves, causing pain” continues from medicine net website. Maybe joint pain could predict the weather or maybe it doesn’t.


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