Kevin Bushnell Breaks School Record

James Keck

Sports Editor

Since Kevin Bushnell transferred to Benedictine, he has been helpful to the Eagles. Bushnell decided to come back for his 5th season this past year and has continued to be a huge piece for the Eagles.

In Bushnell’s first season at Benedictine, he hit 17 home runs on 155 at bats and posting a .342 batting average for the year. Last year, he added another 10 home runs while still hitting .297 for the year.

Bushnell credits a lot of his success to the work he does in the off-season with his brothers Tom and Bob. “The number of hours my brother Tom takes out of his days to either go to my hitting facility with me or to the field with me has helped, and my brother Bob who has helped me transform my body and has spent countless hours talking to me about strength training, recovery and nutrition,” said Bushnell.

Entering his 5th season, he was only a few home runs away from breaking the record. The previous record was held by Aaron Giza, but Bushnell wanted to carve his name into that record. With the season still underway, Bushnell has 7 home runs, which sets a new career record at Benedictine, and has posted an impressive .348 batting average at the halfway point in the season.

“When you have a guy that can hit any pitch out of the ballpark, it really worries every team we play,” said Coach Adam Smith. “What separates Kevin from other players is his work ethic. He works harder at his game and in the weight room than anyone I have ever coached in 20-plus years.”

The goal remains the same for the Eagles, and that is to win a Conference Championship and win a Regional. “We have so many tremendous pieces on this team where we do not have to focus on a few guys to carry the load,” said Bushnell. “We are a close group of guys that enjoy being around each other every single day and I think that will continue to help the team be successful.”

With at least 22 games remaining in the season, Bushnell and the Eagles continue fighting for a Conference Championship and making a long run in the postseason. Stay tuned to to follow Benedictine Baseball’s journey.