Fun Things to Do This Summer

Ben Coleman

Perspectives Editor

Summer is a time to be outside with your loved ones. I have found that as Chicagoans, we cherish the season of Summer so much more than any other place in the United States and that we find a ton of things to do throughout the season. Below are a few suggestions of what you can do outside with your family, friends, or significant other.

  • Go-Karting – This is such an instrumental part of my life which is why I love to suggest it to people. Go-Karting at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL, is one of the most fun things I like to do. You get a 10-minute race for $34 which is a great time to compete with your friends and family, all while having an adrenaline rush.
  • Top Golf – This is an awesome time in Naperville, IL. At this location, you can choose a few different times that work best for your schedule. The prices vary, but the best time to go is between 5 pm to close. This is because it becomes cooler out at night, but also because it gives you time to eat and hang out with friends prior to arriving. This session starts at $28.50/hr per bay with 20 balls per round. This ensures that you don’t run out during that hour, and you get an ample amount of time to hang out with your friends and have a good time.
  • Whirly-ball – Whirly-ball is located next to Top Golf in Naperville. This is an awesome time because you are essentially playing bumper cars and scoop ball at the same time. Starting at $15/half hr, or $30/hr, you are able to ensure a great night throughout the summer months. The great thing about Whirly-Ball is that they also include great food and a bar selection for you and your friends.
  • Outside concerts – Concerts are an awesome thing to do during the summer. Most of the time these have great turnouts where you can grab food and drinks. Find out if your area has a bluegrass or rock festival to attend during the summer months. These are awesome things to attend if you are in the Frankfort, IL, area as they have plenty throughout the year.
  • Food festivals – Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good taco or plate of BBQ? In the Chicagoland area, there are a plethora of food festivals to attend during the summer months. The most notable is the Tacos & Tamales Festival in Chicago. This has various restaurants that set up booths to give out the best tacos they offer. This is an awesome time because you are able to find out who has the best tacos all while hanging out with friends.

Besides going to the pool like most years, these are a few ideas that I had for you before we leave school and head into summer. Take these ideas as suggestions to try new things.