Increasing Protein Intake

Kara Kayzar

Wellness Writer

(Photo Credit: Adobe Stock)

As a busy college student, it is normal to have gaps in your nutrition. Access to healthy foods and nutritious foods that fill the requirements of your calories is challenging and not easily obtainable. Some tips to increase your protein intake are easy! All you have to do is follow these three easy ways to improve your protein in meals throughout the day:

Breakfast Boosts
Add a scoop of protein powder to your oats or yogurt. Add two servings of egg whites and some fat-free cheese. Add some breakfast meat (these can be precooked, and all you need to do is heat them).

Lunch Boosts
Add meat, fish, or tofu to your salad. Get double heart on your deli sandwich. Add low-fat yogurt to top it off.

Dinner Boosts
Increase your dinner protein source by 2 ounces. Pump up your cooking sauces with fat-free Greek yogurt (a great source of protein). Add a serving of low-fat or fat-free cheese.

Snack Boosts
Add a scoop of protein powder to yogurt or low-fat milk of your choice. Have a protein bar or protein chips. Eating some jerky also helps.

One of the easiest ways to increase your protein is supplementation if money issues cause your gaps. You can easily use protein powder in smoothies, overnight oats, cookies, bars, and many more. There are so many recipes on social media and the Internet that can provide you with delicious and healthy things to try. You can look at the benunutritionsports page on Instagram for an easy overnight oats recipe with protein powder.