How has COVID-19 Affected Students and Faculty?


Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Estopare - News Writer COVID-19 has affected many people and communities across the world. Issues such as the economy falling, unemployment due to closures, or shortages of cleaning supplies, one of the more strenuous issues is within schools. Although Benedictine University is taking big strides to provide a safe school year, … Continue reading How has COVID-19 Affected Students and Faculty?

Presidential Debate: Worse Than We Thought


Photo Credit: Sara Molina - News Writer The first presidential debate of 2020 took place on Tuesday September 29.  The debate was held in Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.  Candidates included Republican Donald Trump, Democratic Joe Biden, with moderator Chris Wallace. The presidential debate can only be described as painful and chaotic according … Continue reading Presidential Debate: Worse Than We Thought

Internet Outages Throughout the U.S.


Photo Credit: Sanampreet Kaur Bhullar - Perspectives Writer Internet outages by leading internet service providers, such as Xfinity and AT&T, have been reported these past few weeks. With a majority of individuals at home, the means to stay connected and informed has turned digital, but as a result, outages have become increasingly common.  In … Continue reading Internet Outages Throughout the U.S.

Notorious RBG – A Fight of a Life


Photo Credit: Steve Petteway Sara Molina - Perspectives Writer Crowds gathered around the Supreme Court this weekend in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg after her passing from pancreatic cancer on Friday. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or Notorious RBG, has served on the Supreme court for 27 years and during that time has fought for gender … Continue reading Notorious RBG – A Fight of a Life

Adapting to the Changes Around Us

FeaturedFront entrance, Benedictine University

Sanampreet Kaur Bhullar - News Writer Photo Credit: We have all lived under the global pandemic for most of this year and continue to face the harsh realities and uncertainties surrounding COVID-19. At this moment, we cannot control or predict the spread of the virus. Each event cancelled or rescheduled is a loss of … Continue reading Adapting to the Changes Around Us