Virtual Subculture

Brandon Nguyen Virtual Subculture We live in a world where the unimaginable is glorified through all sorts of media outlets like reality shows on television, music and music videos, online video games, and other virtual communities. Needless to say, people can escape from the materialistic world and enter into dynamism of self-cultivated virtual communities. As […]

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Cheating on the Rise

Students use cheating as a means of passing David Hung For all intents and purposes, cheating is more or less the use of anything other than the test taker’s brain while taking the test. The purpose, supposedly, is to figure out if the test taker truly understand and can apply the knowledge obtained throughout the […]

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A Call To Vote

Who do you want to be the next president? Jasy Jones There are seventeen candidates running for President of our country. Three are from the Democratic Party, twelve from the Republican Party, one from the Libertarian Party, and one for the Green Party. Democratic Party: Hilary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, and Bernie Sanders. Republican Party: Jeb […]

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