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BenU Student Assaulted After Receiving Anti-Gay Taunts

15 Mar

By Marissa Perez

Editor in Chief

Editor’s note: This article contains language some people might find offensive.

A Benedictine student alleges he was assaulted Saturday due in part to his sexual orientation.

“I was hit from the side. I just know they both jumped me but the main guy hit me in the eye,” said the victim.

The victim, a Benedictine senior whose name is being withheld, stated he and his friends were going to an apartment and were followed by two men that they didn’t know.

According to the victim, everyone had entered the apartment and started to socialize until one of the two unknown men started to use offensive language towards him.

“We started playing around and the main guy started to get mad and the ‘fag’ word started to come out of his mouth, I didn’t let him just speak to me like that so I defended myself,” said the victim.

The other unknown student tried to calm things down and then the two left. The victim said that he and his friends walked out as well and this is when things started to escalate.

“He and his friend started getting physical despite them just being calm in the room. I guess they needed a crowd,” stated the victim.

According to the victim, the main instigator ran up the stairs and started fighting with him. All of a sudden, the second male student grabbed the victim’s sweater and pulled him down the stairs. He landed on his knee and ankle and was struggling to get up when he was then punched in the eye.

The police were called and the victim was taken to the police department for questioning where he told the police his side of the story.

“The University Police and the Residence Life staff responded to several incidents this past weekend involving students and their guests,” said Marco Masini, Vice President-Student Life in an email to The Candor.  “Immediate care was provided to the students involved and individuals who violated BenU policies were trespassed and/or ticketed. The incidents remain under investigation.”

“I have noticed that hate crimes are more prevalent in our school as of late,” said the victim. “They were using the fag word too loosely and that’s when I had to stand up because I notice how people are a victim of hate crime at our school or being made fun of for who they are and our school does not ask if it’s a problem.”

“Hopefully this [incident] helps them to take charge,” said the victim.


Students for Justice In Palestine Host Open Mic Night During Apartheid Awareness Week

15 Mar

Nabiha Asim

Staff Writer

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), part of Apartheid Awareness Week, hosted their annual open mic night on March 8 in Coal Ben, where students from various backgrounds shared their feelings through spoken word, embraced their culture by performing a dabke dance, and even got the audience to laugh with a standup comedy act.

“There are a lot of people who personally have families who are going through the apartheid, so raising awareness about what’s going on is very important. At the same time, there are a lot of people who don’t know what’s going on at all, so educating the people comes along with the awareness,” SJP president Abdel-Rhman Mohamed said.

Although the issue isn’t personal to Mohamed, he said the board members understand that the oppression that is happening in Palestine requires attention from all.

“That’s what I like about this club…. So personally, I’m Egyptian and my country is going through its own personal problems…but we have people on the board that aren’t even Arab, and we have few who come from a different country but we all come together with the same thought that Palestine as a country has been through so much that it deserves our primary focus and our primary attention to raise awareness for it,” Mohamed said.

While raising awareness through a cultural event, a scavenger hunt, and a documentary about social injustices taking place in Palestine, Mohamed said he wanted to make sure students have fun and gain knowledge at the same time. For Mohamed, the most powerful thing about the week was the picture event during their general body meeting.

“During our GBM we went around holding pictures of things that are happening in Palestine. So you would see destroyed homes and other things and you’d ask people what are your opinions on what’s going on in the picture….I had a picture that had a used grenade with a flower in it, and that was the picture that I was holding. People looked at it and said it’s a flower pot, and it’s that simple, but the reality behind it was that it was a used grenade. Because the land is a warzone, something as simple as a flower pot, their only resources to do that are used grenades found on the floor which are very common. So that really hits home for me,” Mohamed said.

Seeing the SJP events throughout the week, freshman, Iqra Majid, said she decided to stand in solidarity through spoken word during open mic night.

“I’ve seen [SJP] around campus and I really wanted to support them and I also like poetry and that is one way I could support them…I talked about the conflict and what we can do to change it and how we can love more, not hate more and to basically look at each other as humans,” Majid said.

Commuter Appreciation Month: Annual Free Commuter Breakfast

15 Mar

Lina Zhu

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 8, Benedictine Commuter Service and Student Activities and Leadership Development hosted their monthly free breakfast for commuters in the walkway of Kindlon on the second floor to kick off Commuter Appreciation Month.

The breakfast ran from 9:00-10:30 am, with servings including; muffins, donuts, cinnanon rolls, fruit cups as well as drinks such as coffee and orange juice.

The breakfast became crowded around 9:30 am, when the majority of the students get out of their first class.

“They (Commuter service) do a pretty good job. Donuts are my favorite,” said Shrjia Raghavarapu, who found out about the event from the Commuter Service Facebook page.

“The food choices are pretty good. I like the coffee and donuts. But sometimes it runs out early. And we need to come here early,” Sanian Raheem described.

Photos by Lina Zhu

“Anytime I don’t have to spend money on food, that’s great. The food itself is fine. I’m not going to be picky because it’s free,” said Genevieve Murray, who lives 45 minutes away from school. Murray usually gets breakfast on her way to school or at the Kindlon coffee shop. Therefore, the free breakfast is very attractive for her.

Commuter Student Appreciation Month takes place in March and is dedicated to commuter students, which is a Commuter Assistance Program supported by Student Activities and Leadership Development.

“We want commuter students to feel appreciated and involved in the Benedictine community. Enhancing the experience of Commuter Students through services, programs, and advocacy while encouraging them to become active and engaged participants of the Benedictine University community,” stated Janet Beltran, the Student Assistant of the Commuter Service.

There are more events to come this month in honor of Commuter Appreciation Month. Some of them include a free commuter lunch on Thursday, March 16, and make your own sign on Wednesday, March 29. Students can check out the Commuter Service’s Facebook page or the Benedictine Student Activities website for details on the upcoming events.