Why You Should Watch Waco: A Netflix Documentary

Ben Coleman

Perspectives Editor

Waco, Texas, is a small town that is located about 90 miles south of Dallas. In 1993, the town became very famous due to an extremist cult, named the Branch Davidians. This cult was led by David Koresh (33) who began to recruit anybody he could. Women, men, and even children were recruited. This being one of David’s tactics, it allowed the cult to become very powerful almost overnight. One of David’s tactics for recruiting people was to connect his followers to God, and then connect them to a slew of illegal activities.

As time went on, David’s tactics changed from the teachings of God toward the teachings of illegal activities, which eventually caught the attention of law enforcement. With David having law enforcement now on his tail, things started to get dicey which started to lead to his downfall. Closer to the end of David’s reign, he was then faced with a 51-day deadly standoff between the FBI and ATF.

I personally have found this miniseries to be not just informative, but very interesting overall and can get you to think outside of the norm that is shown on Netflix. I find that throughout the miniseries, I would ask myself tons of questions, almost too many to answer and write down. Throughout this article, I wanted to give you some brief information about the cult and miniseries, but not too much. This brief amount of information is just enough for you to know that this miniseries is a must-watch on Netflix during your free time.