New Students Welcomed at Ben Beginnings

Eagle Walk 2021

Eagle Walk 2021
The Eagle Walk was one of several activities at Ben Beginnings. (Photo credit: Benedictine University)

The Eagle Walk was one of several activities at Ben Beginnings. (Photo crredit: Benedictine University)

Samantha Jendreas

News Writer

Earlier this week, Ben Beginnings began for 350 students new to Benedictine. Of that 350, 295 were freshman students and 55 transfer students. The orientation started with residential student move-in and the Eagle Walk. The Eagle Walk is a parade around campus accompanied with a cheering crowd.

Despite the heat, activities were always happening on the quad. Students and orientation leaders participated in various games to help bring their groups closer together. To cap off the long day was a performance from magical act Crescent Circus.

Ben Beginnings ended the following day with mini golf, a food truck, casino games and prizes. 

Orientation was made possible due to 2 months of planning and 45 orientation leaders.

“Benedictine University has always been, and will always be, a welcoming and hospitable community.” said Marc Davidson, the Director of Student Affairs “It is the first time our new students are officially welcomed to campus. It was a great way to kick off the academic year!”