Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Back Together?

Travis Scott celebrated his birthday over the weekend. Photo Credit: TMZ

Amber Syed – Scene Editor

Travis Scott celebrated his 29th birthday last weekend with close friends, a performance, and some even closer friends. Kylie Jenner flew from California to Miami for her Baby Daddy’s birthday.

According to People, a source said both Jenner and Scott had, “dinner with a group of friends at Komodo before heading to club LIV, where Scott was set to perform”. The source also included that they looked very flirty, affectionate, and happy.

Kylie Jenner posted multiple stories where Jenner and Scott can be seen touchy, teasing one another, and cuddling. According to Elle, there was an unverified post of Jenner and Scott dancing in the middle of a packed dance floor with their arms around each other.

Jenner also posted multiple Instagram stories devoted to wishing Scott a happy birthday. None of the photos included herself with her Baby Daddy.

It has not been confirmed from either Jenner or Scott if they are back together but based on what happened over the weekend they won’t be too hidden from the public.