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A Chicago Sports Weekend Recap

Daniel Dalenberg Staff Writer It has been slightly over a month since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series and Chicago is still basking in the glory.  On Friday night, the MLB’s annual movie about the World Series debuted on national television.  As that was going on, Chicago villain, Cleveland Cavaliers Small Forward Lebron James, … Continue reading


Stigmatized, Neglected, and Misunderstood: The Various Challenges of College Students with Mental Illnesses

Omair Ali staff writer College is often understood to be a time where students can take advantage of a newly found life of independence, academic freedom, and all forms of pleasure. However, this image of college is very distorted in comparison to its actual image. College can be a great time for many students, but … Continue reading


Former Benedictine University Student Gets Prison Sentence After Trying to Join ISIS

Michelle Reilly News Editor A former student of Benedictine University, Mohammed Hamzah Khan, was arrested back in October of 2014 for trying to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Khan was taken into custody after allegedly attempting to travel overseas to join ISIS, according to the United States Attorney’s Office’s press release. … Continue reading