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Rihanna and Leo Spotted Together at Coachella

4 May

Other couples spotted at the music festival as well

Tatanisha Wooley


AA-list celebrities and rumor couple Rihanna and Leo DiCaprio were spotted together at the popular musical festival, Coachella. This year it took place in Thermal, California on Saturday, April 16, where the rumored couple was spotted talking; It was reported that Leo was seen whispering in Rihanna’s ear!!! The jealousy was too real at least for me. As a Ryan Gosling fan and biggest celebrity crush, I cannot deny the love for Leo. I would never pick Leo over Ryan, but he is Jack from Titanic; Most can agree that they do not want to see Jack with Rihanna. I love Ri-Ri, but I don’t think she is the right woman for Leo. The two won’t last long but you never know; stranger things have happened in Hollywood. Rihanna snuck into the back of the event with some girlfriends. People spotted Leo make his way over to Rihanna’s table and he looked really happy to see the “Work” singer. This isn’t the first time the two were spotted together, at Rihanna’s 27th birthday party they were seen getting cozy. I do want Leo to settle down but definitely not with Rihanna. The ultimate bachelor needs to settle down and breaking the hearts of models and other celebrities alike.

Leo and Rihanna were not the only celebrities spotted together at the event, there were many other A-listers partying away at the festival. Jared Leto, who will play the Joker in the upcoming film “Suicide Squad”, was spotted enjoying the festivities. Paris Hilton and Kylie Jenner, who are huge Coachella fans, were seen dancing and partying away. Another rumored couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were seen together. I’m just glad that Katy is finally done with John Mayer. All the back and forth with the breakup/makeup was getting really annoying. Another are they couple but are now on the outs again Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were together. Pretty Little Liars star Ashely Benson and BFF Vanessa Hudgens attended the event. Rising star Michael B. Jordan was seen at the festival and he was alone meaning the movie star is on the status of single. If you are looking for a great time and want to be with your favorite celebrities Coachella is the event for you.

Jennifer Aniston is chosen for People’s “World’s Most Beautiful Women” for 2016

4 May

From health tips to beauty tips, she has them all

Jacqueline Gorr


Jennifer Aniston is an award winning actress that took home the award for people’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman Award” and this is the second time. Jennifer had names in mind of who her beauty icons were and they are Gloria Steinem and Lauren Hutton.
“I feel the most beautiful after I work out,” said Aniston. She really stressed the fact that having a healthy diet and exercising daily is a fact for having the completion you wants when you get older.

When Jennifer was in her 20s, she never used to worry about what she put in her body but, she feels that everyone is starting to be more conscious about it. What makes it easy for her is that she monitors what she eats and is not necessarily on a strict diet. Jennifer always had self confidence in everything that she does.
When you are a celebrity you can be put into situations that can be toxic but, Jennifer never let it get to her in a way where it affected her health or her appearance. When Jennifer started out in the show Friends, she was known as one of the most beautiful woman on TV. When you see Jennifer on the red carpet she is known for having natural makeup, which resembles of what she always looked like in Friends. She believes that less makeup is more and said her husband Justin Theroux prefers her without any makeup.

She is really supportive of women and loves giving advice to fans because she believes that all women are in this journey together. Some of the advice that she has given is how to take care of your skin. As long as you eat healthy, drink a lot of water and get plenty of sleep then that is key to a glowing youthful face.
Jennifer has beauty secrets that she shares since she was the world’s most beautiful woman in 2004. She uses products every day that anyone can buy at your local drugstore. She uses the L’Oréal sublime bronze self-tanning lotion to get her glowing skin and uses Vaseline to condition her eyelashes. Her favorite item to use is the la femme pencil because it’s a quick and easy item to apply. It is half concealer and the other half is highlighter. She also uses expensive products as well such as Mila Moursi Lifting Serum which costs $440.

Aniston is the face of Aveeno because she is known for using their products. Aveeno is about having a natural look when using their products and about having natural ingredients within them. Jennifer has been with Aveeno since 2012. People magazine doesn’t just pick anyone to be the world’s most beautiful woman. They have qualities that they look for in a woman that will best represent women out there in the world. They look for a woman who is a role model to other women out there that can relate to other people’s concerns and can set a good example on how to represent yourself with being your natural self and they thought Jennifer Aniston has those qualities.


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