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Things only an Indecisive Person Understands

Tatanisha Wooley SCENE EDITOR If you are an indecisive person the simplest tasks give you stress, like waking up in morning deciding what to wear makes you want to go to a private school just so you aren’t burden with this task. Being indecisive is not bad it just means that once you have made … Continue reading

Poetry Corner

Jasy Jones @StoriesbyJasy STAFF WRITER      A Haiku:   Haiku for First Time A Lot Harder Than I Thought I Think I like It   A Tanka:   Overwhelming Stress Constant Procrastinator Hate Myself So Much Never Again, I Promise Why Do I Lie To Myself?   A Haiku:   Live Close To the … Continue reading

Hearty Chipotle Chicken Soup Recipe

By: Tatanisha Wooley SCENE EDITOR If you are like me, you enjoy staying in this winter. The air is too cold and the snow is piled too high. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a delicious soup in the middle of this cold winter? Why don’t you stay in, watch Netflix, and enjoy this soup. … Continue reading

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