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The Great Millennial Debates

The Hardest choices you have to make in your life By: Tatanisha Wooley SCENE EDITOR In your lifetime you have to make tough decisions such as what to do after you graduate from college. That question is minimal compared to the truly tough questions in the world. There are questions in this world that can … Continue reading

7 Tips to decorate your place on a budget

By Kaitlynn Wolfgram STAFF WRITER Whether you are living at home or by yourself decorating your place is important. What makes it difficult is living on a budget. The following tips can guide you to decorating your place and keeping a wallet full of cash. 1. Ask your parents. This is the first step. Ask … Continue reading

If I Had a Superpower

by Nick Loconsole Entertainment Columnist @NickLoconsole If I could pick a super power to have, it would without a doubt have to be the ability to control the weather. Now I’m not just saying this because we live in such a volatile weather environment here in Chicago, I would have a blast just messing with … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Grey

by: Junelly Gonzalez STAFFWRITER @junelly_12 There are various topics to be discussed regarding the recently released film, Fifty Shades of Grey. Although most critics were greatly unimpressed, giving it a rating of 26% on the popular movie app Flixster, Grey still earned an impressive $85.20 million over the Valentine’s Day opening weekend. It is an … Continue reading

Hearty Chipotle Chicken Soup Recipe

By: Tatanisha Wooley SCENE EDITOR If you are like me, you enjoy staying in this winter. The air is too cold and the snow is piled too high. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a delicious soup in the middle of this cold winter? Why don’t you stay in, watch Netflix, and enjoy this soup. … Continue reading

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