WhirlyBall: What is it? Why You Should Play It

Ben Coleman

Perspective Editor

Welcome back to this week’s Perspective article for the Candor! In this week’s article, we talk about a fun activity to do with friends in your free time. In Chicagoland, there is an activity called WhirlyBall which is located in many parts of the area. This game is not just a teambuilding event, but a fun event for everyone. Throughout this article, we cover WhirlyBall and what it entails, and how it is one of the best things to do around our area.

What is WhirlyBall?

  • Think of riding on bumper cars while playing the game scoop ball. This game entails riding around on a bumper car while trying to get a whiffle ball into a scoreboard. The interesting part of this game is that it is very team focused, coupled with a good level of dexterity, just like basketball. This game is one where you need to be on the lookout for your team member to make sure that they are open at all times while blazing down the court at a whopping 4 miles per hour.
  • With a fairly simple concept, Whirlyball is a ten-minute game with two teams of 5. The team with the highest score after ten minutes wins.
  • One of the best things to do on a Friday night is this game with your friends. The great thing about WhirlyBall is that you can reserve a game of WhirlyBall or even bowling with your friends all while having a great night to eat and drink.
  • The WhirlyBall menu consists of seven food menus to choose from and an extensive drink list. Especially the Beerholder which has four beers from their draft menu for $10.
  • As a bonus, WhirlyBall gives three fundraising programs which include School the Teachers, Whirlygives, and Karma Tuesdays.

As fun as this game is, it’s even better with friends and family. Be sure to stop by one of the local WhirlyBall courts here in the Chicagoland area to put your scoop ball skills to the test. Who knows, you may even be able to compete with a Benedictine professor in School the Teachers event!



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