Setting Expectations and Obtaining Goals

Ben Coleman

Perspectives Editor

Welcome back to this week’s Perspective from the Candor! Whether you were single or with your significant other, we hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! This week, the Candor dives into some great ideas about setting expectations and obtaining your goals and dreams throughout your college endeavors. When it comes to setting goals and expectations, there are a few things to try and keep in mind to get you to that next road. Below is a list of ideas from the Candor to better help you get there!

  • Continual Learning – This is one of the best ways to experience the benefits of lifelong learning. Continual learning, otherwise known as personal growth, helps implement tangible goals that are effective and measurable. Continual learning doesn’t always have to be something that you dislike. It can be something as simple as learning a new hobby or trying a new activity. For example, learning about the creation of pottery or even sip and paint clubs are both great ways for self-improvement. Plus, it helps you meet others in a warm and inviting setting! Be sure that the goal you are aiming for is pertained to your personal development to become a better individual over time.
  • Pushing Yourself – Setting goals or milestones are sure ways to cultivate expectations and obtain some of your goals. This is a great one, especially for you gym-goers. Setting a goal and creating an expectation for each week not only helps keep you focused and on track but helps create discipline and patience. Over time, this discipline not only translates from your hobby or skill but transfers into your career outside of college. Keep in mind that pushing yourself is something that you have to groom yourself for over time. Pushing yourself is different for everybody, so don’t be afraid to start with something easy and get progressively harder.
  • Parallel increases – Increasing personal growth goals with the current growth that you have are great ways to continue to progress upward in life. This can go for anything. For example, think of the one thing that you want and how you will get there to obtain it. There will be milestones that you will have to set to get there. During that journey, be sure to have smaller goals along the way to not only help diminish the consistent grind but to keep you focused on your end goal and create incentives. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built overnight”.
  • Health growth – Focusing on health is a sure way to stay focused. It is stated that increasing your sleep for an hour each night, can translate into an almost 23% lower risk of depression and stress. Furthermore, it helps improve cognition, metabolism, and even attitude. Plus, who doesn’t like to have an extra hour of sleep? Even having a balanced diet helps create a new reinforced behavior which is part of goal setting. As stated in our first article this year, a balanced breakfast, lunch, or dinner with tea can also help create a comforting feeling in the body.

Throughout this article, we wanted to give you food for thought as you progress through college or are preparing to get out. As we stated above, some goals you may need to set milestones for to get to the end. Have no fear to work hard to get there! We at the Candor believe in you and know that you can do great things in your life! People genuinely enjoy seeing others work hard at their goals and obtaining them. Throughout your lifetime, you will see that these goals and affirmations were part of the plan all along! We hope you have a safe and healthy week ahead.