Club Opportunities at BenU

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Jonathan Shields

News Editor


Benedictine offers a number of clubs and leadership opportunities. Benedictine has 22 clubs that include: Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Club (OT/PT), Criminal justice club, computer science club, investment club and many others.

Benedictine gives you the opportunity to start your own; it takes 10 people, a staff advisor and the proposal form you can find with the link given at the bottom of the page. Benedictine also offers a number of service clubs that includes Doctors without Borders, American Red Cross, and many others.

There are also a number of intramural sports, musical opportunities, and leadership opportunities. For more information on all of these  clubs click the link given or go to Many clubs and leadership are eager for new students to join. So if you think you can make a difference in your field or if you just want to help make a difference in the Benedictine community, sign up