Dear Ernie: First Semester at Benedictine

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Dear Ernie,

This is my second year of college, but my first semester at Benedictine. The only person that I know here so far is my roommate that I just met yesterday. What would you recommend doing when it comes to meeting new people and making friends?


The Newbie

Dear Newbie,

I recommend starting off by getting to know the people in your classes! Some of the people in one class, you may also have in other classes this semester too! There are also tons of different clubs on campus that range from academic and pre-professional clubs to cultural clubs and even different intramural sports. Joining clubs can be a helpful way to meet new people with similar interests as you.

Another great opportunity to meet new people is by going to the different sporting events on campus, and watching for activities that both the student senate and the residence life are running!

Moving onto a new chapter in your life can be scary for most people, but we are here to help make that change in your life as stress-free and fun as possible!

Keep on soaring and welcome to the eagle nest,


(Note: The advice given is from Candor writers, student-to-student, and does not reflect the opinion of the university).