Morocco defeats Spain to advance to the quarter finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

(Photo Credit: AS USA)

Fariha Ahsan

Staff Writer

A huge win for the Muslim world as Morocco advances to the quarter-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup by defeating Spain. This is the first time in history Morocco advances to the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

The game was a 0-0 draw at the end of the 90 min and stayed that way after extra time. Morocco would go on to win 3-0 on penalties to advance. Morocco has participated in six different FIFA World Cups between 1970 and 2022, making this year’s advancement the loudest and proudest for not only Arab countries, but Muslims all over the globe.

Morocco has loudly denounced the dehumanization of Palestine by the Israeli state, speaking out against the oppression taking place by waving the Palestinian flag across the fields right next to their own bright red Moroccan flag.

“IFA regulations prohibit the display of banners, flags and fliers that are deemed to be political, offensive and/or discriminatory nature,” According to Arab News. “In the past, football’s governing bodies have issued fines for displays of the Palestinian flag inside stadia.” This year the FIFA World Cup is hosted in Qatar, a country that is also the host of over 250,000 Palestinian refugees.

Palestine is a country that holds immense Islamic value for a number of reasons. It was home to various Prophets of God and named in the Quran (the book of Islam) as “The Holy Lands” and “The Blessed Lands.” It is also the home of the third holiest site of Islam, Al-Aqsa Mosque located in the holy city of Jerusalem, Palestine. It is believed by numerous faiths to be the land that Jesus will return to defeat the anti-Christ, and also where many historical battles have taken place.

“I’m not even a soccer fan. I don’t even watch FIFA like that, but I’m so proud of Morocco as it is the only Muslim country to advance to the next round,” said a senior at Benedictine University who wished to stay anonymous.

Despite Spain maintaining possession for the bulk of the game, Morocco hit back with hard defense, not allowing Spain the opportunity to score. In the 55th minute of the match, the Spanish team took a free kick, which was beautifully deflected away by Bono, the Moroccan goalkeeper that has won over the hearts of the people without fail. Though the first half of the penalty shootout belonged to Spain, the Moroccan team took the victory.

Morocco will go on to play Portugal this Saturday in the quarter-finals of what may just be the most politically fueled world cup ever hosted.