Benedictine professor appointed by the EPA to the Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee

(Photo Credit: Benedictine Website)

Jonathan Shields

Staff Writer

Benedictine professor Jean-Marie Kauth was elected to the Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee (CHPAC) by the U.S Environmental Protection Committee (EPA) on Nov. 28. The Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee is a body of external researchers, academicians, health care providers, environmentalists, state and tribal government employees and members of the public who advise the EPA on regulations, research and communications related to children’s health.

“I was very surprised to get the position,” said Kauth. “Environmental Health is a passion project I have gotten serious about with the Master’s in Public Health, returning to my undergraduate science background, but while knowledgeable after twenty years of self-study, I am relatively new to the field in a professional capacity.”

Kauth will be taking on many new responsibilities in this role. “I will be one of 28 experts giving feedback and advice to the EPA on measures related to children’s environmental health,” said Kauth. “I will be doing a lot of homework on various measures before the EPA, an estimated 10-15 hours per month, and making about three trips to D.C. per year for the three-year appointment.”

Professor Kauth is one of 14 new members added to the committee.

“It is an honor to welcome such a diverse group of expert members to this crucial panel, and we look forward to receiving their recommendations to advance children’s health protections,” said EPA Deputy Administrator Janet McCabe in a news release email.

“I recommend seeing where your own passions, interests, professions and majors intersect with environmental problems and choosing something to do to address them,” said Kauth. “As one of my heroes, Sandra Steingraber, says, ‘what we love, we must protect.’”

Congratulations to Jean-Maria Kauth on this amazing accomplishment.