Dear Ernie: Final Exam Prep

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Dear Ernie,

With finals coming up in the next couple of weeks, I was wondering what you would recommend doing in order to prepare?


The Studious Student

Dear Studious Student,

Before the week of finals, make sure that you have some sort of list with the things you need to accomplish in the upcoming weeks. Planning out your time accordingly is crucial, so that way you do not feel overwhelmed during the last week of school. If you have projects with a due date creeping up, I find that focusing on one project at a time helps me feel more zoned in and relaxed. Make sure you give yourself plenty of wiggle room to complete each assignment because we all need brain breaks here and there!

When it comes to finals week, make sure that you are eating every meal, getting plenty of rest, and taking some time for yourself! When you try to cram in last-minute homework assignments and studying, you may find that you don’t perform as well as you would like to on your final exams and projects.

Good luck with your final weeks and keep on soaring,


(Note: The advice given is from Candor writers, student-to-student, and does not reflect the opinion of the university).