Campus Ministry hosts fair trade holiday shop with Ten Thousand Villages

(Photo Credit: Megan Bristow)

Michael Horton

Staff Writer

Campus Ministry hosted the Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Market in Goodwin Hall yesterday afternoon. Ten Thousand Villages is a Global “maker-to-market movement” meaning that everything they make is handmade and then sold to people around the world, while still being fair trade, meaning they consider the working conditions and environmental impact.

“I love this organization and event because the proceeds go to help people who otherwise cannot help themselves, especially women and impoverished people around the world,” said Pam Eiten, a Ten Thousand Villages Member and Merchant.

The gifts range from jewelry to sweatshirts and handbags of several styles for a fair price where the proceeds go to charity. The workers there expressed that it was a beautiful thing to help other people out while getting holiday shopping done at the same time.

“This event is important for Benedictine because around the holidays, we are all looking for happiness and self-comfort and really we find those things in helping other people rather than buying other stuff,” said Molly McGraw a BenU student. “But, this is a way to buy presents for loved ones and do some good for people in need.”

They have around 332 locations around the globe, and they focus on helping women and people in poverty. The shop was open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and they are back on Nov. 30 during the same time for people to shop while helping others in need.