Scholarship applications and class registrations are open

Photo Credit: (Best Colleges, The Student’s Guide to College Scholarships and Grant)

Madeline Saunders

Staff Writer

It is a busy week for Benedictine students as the opening of scholarship applications and registration commences. The application process began last week for scholarships and this week for registration.

Students qualify for scholarships if they are not graduating this Academic year according to the Scholarship Department at Benedictine University. A scholarship may potentially qualify for the semesters of Summer of 2023, Fall of 2023 and Spring of 2024, and the application process closes next year on Jan. 31.

Registration for the Spring of 2023 semester began early Monday morning for advanced seniors. Students should register for classes on their selected registration date, which is based on the total number of credits taken. Open registration for all students begins on Nov. 21, regardless of their standing.

Students can visit MyBenU and navigate to manage classes where they will find the date of their registration under enrollment dates. Students must clarify the date of registration and projected classes with their advisor before they enroll and manage any holds before they are able to register for classes.

“Meet with your advisor early in order to have enough time to find classes and to spend time exploring careers and career options,” said Dr. Ziliak, a professor in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Department at Benedictine University.  “Do scholarships over winter break because it’s an excellent opportunity to get further support and also remember to re-apply for endowed scholarships.”

Students can access the scholarship system at and inquiries regarding scholarships can be directed to Students may seek assistance from their advisor regarding classes.