NBA YoungBoy: Controversial but Brilliant

Darries Rainey

Staff Writer

The rapper known as “NBA YoungBoy” has become a favorite across the world. Even at a young age, he attracts different ages and cultures from all over the world. Although he has made some mistakes on his journey, he is on his way to becoming a Legend.

His real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden and he was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Raised by his grandmother, his childhood was described as “scary but fun.” His grandmother died when he was about 15 and after that, he started making major mistakes. He dropped out of high school and then spent six months in a juvenile detention center in Tallulah Louisiana. During that sentence, he wrote songs that later led to his first mixtape “Life Before Fame.” Although he has a criminal record that never stopped him from making good music or taking care of the ten kids he has.

His latest projects that he dropped are called “ The Last Slimeto “ and “Realer 2”. And he has many more to come, people don’t realize that he is only 22 so he has not even reached his full potential. “He always gives his audience music and never has us waiting, “ said Tywan Hollis.

NBA YoungBoy has had a great influence on many people, including myself. A lot of people may say just because he has been to prison and other stuff they saw on the internet. But to me, I see a young man trying his best to do the right thing and doing his best to provide for his kids. NBA never disappoints me when it comes to music, it almost feels as if you’re going through the pain with him