Dr. Lloyd holds lecture: “Responding to Abuse: Lessons from the Enslaved”

Jesus Cortez


Benedictine held a lecture event featuring Dr. Vincent Lloyd who gave a presentation called “Responding to Abuse: Lessons from the Enslaved”. His lecture focused on philosophical, theological and racial thought.

“We might have to rethink the world that we know after looking at the lives of the marginalized,” said Dr. Lloyd.

The center focus of the lecture was on Frederick Douglas and Harriet Jacobs as Dr. Lloyd used their stories to explain the difference between abuse and domination.

“Domination is on publicity and abuse fears publicity,” said Dr. Lloyd.

He explained that Douglass responded to domination as it was a physical and psychic struggle, whereas Jacobs responded to abuse by her slaveholder “Dr. Flint”.

Dr. Floyd also explained the difference between the virtue of the enslaved and the vice of the slaveholder and how they are opposites.

Virtue of the enslaved: Cunning used as tactic, truthfulness, Well-ordered love

Vice of the slaveholder: Cunning has habit, Hypocrisy, Disordered love

“We have to recognize that there are multiple natural law traditions,” said Dr. Lloyd. He further referenced that there is a difference between Black natural law tradition and European natural law tradition. Natural law includes law tradition, styles of reasoning and figures.