Queers & Allies host open mic event for National Coming Out Day

Jesus Cortez


An open mic event was held to discuss LGBTQ+ issues at Coal Ben for National Coming Out Day yesterday afternoon. The event was hosted by Queers & Allies and Multicultural Student Affairs.

“One important thing is making sure that there are teachers, faculty and staff that are continuing with their support,” said Martyn Welenc.

Here were the topics discussed at the event:

Housing: The possibility of gender-neutral housing and taking into account non-binary students who want housing on campus.

Bathrooms: The possibility of more gender-neutral bathrooms. There are currently two on campus with one in Goodwin and the other in Lownik. The Goodwin bathroom requires key access that can be provided at the police station.

Marketing: There was a discussion about wanting Benedictine to further market that the school supports LGBTQ+ students. This would also help freshmen students feel more comfortable if they select Benedictine as their college of choice.