The Gut Microbiome

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Munirih Peace

Wellness Writer

One of my favorite topics in the world of nutrition has to do with the gut microbiome: an elite community of tiny organisms, or good bacteria, that live in the digestive tract (think stomach and intestines). These good bacteria play a vital role in many of your regular bodily functions, even those that take place outside of the bathroom.

So why are these organisms so important? Your gut microbiome protects you from pathogens, or harmful bacteria/viruses/organisms, aids in strengthening your immune system and helps your body ‘recover’ from the digestive process.

How can you ensure you’re supporting your gut microbiome? Incorporating daily probiotics introduces and incorporates more good bacteria into the gut that your body then uses to support healthy digestion. Probiotics are found in a number of foods/drinks that you likely already consume, including, yogurt, kefir, most kombucha, picked vegetables (i.e. pickles) and sauerkraut. Don’t already consume probiotics? Try finding a fermented food/drink with ‘active probiotics’ to incorporate into your daily routine!

My favorite source of probiotics: Chobani, Daily Probiotic Drink or LaLa Yogurt Smoothies!

Dairy-free and vegan-friendly favorite: pickles or kimchi!