Benedictine holds Interfaith Fair event


Michael Horton

Staff Writer

Benedictine University held an interfaith event yesterday afternoon located in the Goodwin lobby. The event was created to teach the Benedictine community about the diversity it has across campus. 

“My hope is to educate and give the people more knowledge about the Islam community and how we are a religion of peace,” said Ali Ebraheemi, a Benedictine Student and a MSA (Muslim Student Association) member. 

Ebraheemi was deeply passionate about influencing his religion on students at Benedictine and wanted to make a change. 

Students from the MSA wanted to spread that not only the Muslim community is accepted at BU, but every culture and race is. The President of the MSA explained the similarities between Christianity and Judaism and explained how Islam is portrayed as a religion of war and tear in the media. 

“I hope people do not think there are misconceptions about Muslims and Islam and there are so many similarities between Christianity and Judaism,” said Hannah Ahmed, the President of the MSA. 

This meeting helped enlighten the different interfaith communities that surround the Benedictine Campus and made it the great diverse campus that it is today.