Food Insecurity and the BenU Food Pantry

BenU's Food Pantry

Munirih Peace

Wellness Writer

POV: it’s the beginning of a new school year and you’re either moving onto campus for the first time or you’re a returning student. Either way, the anticipation of making new memories, juggling new classes, and navigating campus/adulthood can be overwhelming and may present as suppressed appetite and/or stress about food/food insecurity.

Food insecurity refers to being without access to enough nutritious and affordable food. This is often the result of limited resources, like money, and/or limited access, like the grocery store being too far away. As a campus resident, you’re required to have a meal plan to help supplement and support you, while attempting to take away any feelings of food insecurity.

Did you know BenU also has a Food Pantry specifically for students? Can’t find anything you like in Krasa and/or looking to make your own meal but don’t have the budget to shop? Check out the BenU Food Pantry located on the 4th floor of Kindlon.

*Must be a BenU Student to use the Food Pantry*