Roe V. Wade May Be Overturned

Emma Nesbitt

Staff Writer

On May 2nd, a document from Supreme Court was leaked about a possible overturning of Roe V. Wade, resulting
in a change to abortion rights. The story was first reported by Politico.

The result is not a final decision but is a first draft. If upheld in its current form, the decision would have a chance to
reverse years of settled law. This would effectively deny a woman access to reproductive health care in some states.

“This is a terrible day for our nation and it’s a disgraceful decision. It’s a scary day for women. In Illinois, we took steps to protect women’s reproductive health because we feared that this day would come,” Governor Pritzker stated in an interview.

If the draft is finalized as-is, it would mean that each state has a choice to decide for itself if abortion becomes a criminal offense. This creates a whole new range of rights at risk, indicating new strike downs in the making.

“Biden released a statement calling on Congress to codify abortion rights and urged voters to elect lawmakers who would support those rights. He declined to say whether he would support changing Senate rules so legislation codifying the right to abortion could not be blocked by a filibuster,” USA Today wrote.