Men’s Lacrosse Season Recap


Gregory Hoard

Student Writer

Benedictine 2022 Men’s Lacrosse is currently 10-6 overall, 5-2 in the conference, 7-2 in home games, and 3-4 in away games. Their longest win streak is 2 games this season.

At home, they play amazing and get the job done but it seems like when they’re away and don’t have the home-field advantage is where they can’t finish games or have the same energy.

I had some time to chat with a couple of guys from the team. I spoke with Will Robinson about his position (attacks) and how he felt he was doing this season as an individual, he had to say “it’s going pretty good I won national player of the week with a torn ACL… I don’t feel as if the school recognized us and some of our achievements as much.” Pertaining to the playoffs, Robinson said, “we will win the tournament and I am going to get first-team all-conference”.

Antonio Shepard, freshman men’s lacrosse player, stated Aurora was their toughest opponent this year, “it was a good game and finished and doubled over time we just came short of the win. I had a few health problems with the flu throughout the season and batting colds.” I asked him if it was possible for a ring this season and he stated, “ring season is possible just have to win the close and big games when it counts.”