2021-2022 Student Recap

Nathan Rillo

Student Writer

This past school year, things started to go back to normal since the COVID-19 pandemic, and students are excited about what’s in store at Benedictine. Students are becoming more engaged around campus, in student activities, and in the classroom.

“I liked the sense of community this year, honestly, it’s improved a lot since last year,” said junior Blake Adkins. Adkins has been a residential assistant on campus since his sophomore year and will be a co-head resident of Founder Woods for the upcoming school year. Fellow junior, Jasmine Razo also said, “Being able to come back to school and seeing everyone was probably the best thing. Also, being able to be physically in class instead of online was a good part of it too.”

For first-year students at Benedictine, being away from home and adapting to college life can be a challenge. Freshman Andrew Perez, who is from Los Angeles, California had a welcoming start to his college experience. “It was nice to start in a new place with new people,” Perez said, “The highlights of the year definitely had to be the nights after football games and making new friendships every weekend.” Leah Navarro, a freshman, also had an exciting first year. “Being able to play softball here and pitching in a good amount of games as a freshman were the highlights of this year. Also, I love the girls on the team and they make softball more than just a

For graduates, they are getting ready to go out into the real world and start their careers. For senior Luis Mendoza, he kept himself busy during his last semester by double majoring in criminal justice and sociology, all while having an internship with the Lombard Police Department. When asked about his time at Benedictine, he said, “One thing I’ll always remember is the feeling I get before playing on Saturdays,” Mendoza was a 4-year starter at center for the Eagles and will always remember his memories, friendships, and the feeling he would get before going out on the football field.

Returning students, like sophomore Maggie Durr, are looking forward to next year with everything on campus opening up since the pandemic. “I definitely had setbacks,” said Maggie, “I felt that it was cool that the school is starting to try to have events since COVID is dying down.” Maggie is looking forward to future events at school next year and playing softball for the Eagles.

Benedictine students are ready for a change for the good and are excited about what’s in store for their next school year or starting their new lives after college.