The Weekend ’22

the weekend

Jesus Cortez

News Editor

Benedictine will host a three-day event known as The Weekend ‘22 starting this Thursday. The event begins tomorrow with a field day event sponsored by SASA and MSA from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The day concludes with Top Golf in Naperville, though the spots for this event have been filled.  

“The only event that requires pre-registration is the top golf event,” said Suad Hussein, one of the organizers of the event. “Otherwise, everything else is free unless someone wants to bring an outside guest.” 

Students who want to bring outside guests need to register their guests with the Office of Student Activities before Thursday. There is a $10 fee that grants their guests access to Friday and Saturday activities.  

Friday events include a Luau lunch that will be given with a regular meal swipe or with a meal card given to those without meal swipes, a field day event including a zipline, and an outdoor showing of Spider-Man No Way Home and the night will conclude at The Pub at Coal Ben.  

Student IDs will be needed to enter The Pub at Coal Ben on Friday. 

Saturday events include free Tye dye shirts for BenU students only, a carnival at Founders Woods, and a rooftop party at the top level of the parking garage including Bizar entertainment.  

“Bizar Entertainment recently bought out Boom tour, which is a famous DJ company that is known for hosting high school homecomings and dances,” said Fiaavae Dudish-Poulsen, an organizer of the event. “This company includes multiple services such as a DJ, a smoke machine, lighting,  a hype-man, confetti,  a photo booth, a luxury seating area, games, etc.” 

Fiaavae and Suad created the event due to a feeling of disconnect between commuters and residents.  

“We got to talking and soon realized we felt the same division between the commuters and residents,” said Suad Hussein, “Therefore, our goal for this event was to bring residents and commuters together, break that division and form a stronger community.” 

“This event is going to be the biggest event Benedictine University has hosted in three years. We also hope to make this event annual, but to do that we need a huge turnout and a lot of participation from the Benedictine community, including facility,” said Fiaavae. 

The three-day event was organized by Suad, Fiaavae, Josh Harris, Harold Watson, Marco Masini, and Katie Buell.