Time Management For Successful College Students

Raquel Robertson

Wellness Writer

Time management for college students can be challenging. Schoolwork, jobs, social activities, family, and many more can be difficult for college students to cope with. According to Rasmussen University in a study conducted by Georgetown University in 2015, forty percent of students ages 16-29 years old work while in school. As you can see, as students, we have a lot to prioritize and it’s important to focus on mastering time management for busy schedules.

According to both Rasmussen University and Purdue Global University, listed below are some successful tips to utilize time wisely to create less stress during college years.

1. Record all due dates and deadlines: This means purchase a course calendar, a planner, or syllabi before college and start writing down all the assignments’ due dates and important events.

2. Create a routine: Getting into a routine of when to do homework, study, and a job can help reduce some of the stress.

3. Tackle small tasks to start: We can easily get overwhelmed by the projects and exams that we need to do, and this can lead to procrastination. To overcome this, start with shorter, simpler tasks and then move on to larger projects or assignments.

4. Take time off: A long study session should be broken up with time away from the screen or textbook. And it’s critical to take time for yourself and do something you enjoy.

5. Ask for help: If you struggle with understanding a concept or lesson, do not hesitate to ask your professor or tutor for help.

6. Stay organized: Keeping your schoolwork organized can help you throughout the week. Create folders for each course and organize your notes and handouts.

7. Keep yourself healthy: Your health is more important than anything else. It plays a huge role in successfully managing your time in college. In addition, getting enough sleep per night and being active can boost your energy and help you to stay focused.

In conclusion, using your time wisely and prioritizing your tasks daily can help you be sufficient and create less stress in your life.