LGBTQ Day Of Silence


Emma Nesbitt

Staff Writer

Join Queers & Allies in Day of Silence on April 22nd, where students take a vow of silence to protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination toward the LGBTQ community.

Day of Silence sheds light on the LGBTQ daily experiences, focusing on the problem within the school systems, workplaces, college campuses, and sporting events. This day spreads awareness for the effects of bullying and the harassment the community has faced.

“I’m hoping we get a good number of students who participate because Queers & Allies is a very small campus organization right now. So knowing we have students who hear our voices and struggles & want to actively support us is important,” President of Queers & Allies, Martyn Welenc.

The LGBTQ community is growing every day and it’s important for students to feel heard and actively supported, making sure people are aware of the issues the community goes through.

This event gives students all around the United States the ability to stand together and speak out for their personal safety.

Queers & Allies plans on holding a Queer Cafe at the end of the 22nd to celebrate queer joy & have that be a symbolic breaking of the silence from earlier the day.