Human Feces Found in sink at Residence Hall


Robert Schroeder

Student Writer

Human feces was discovered in a sink located on the second floor of Ondrak Residence Hall on February 17, 2022. The single length of fecal matter was discovered by residents in the dorm who were using the bathroom.

“I was mind-blown,” said Ryan Relien, a second-floor resident who witnessed the feces firsthand. 

After the feces was discovered, students received an email from Residence Life addressing the issue. It asked them to expose the guilty party and if they are unable to, all of them would bear the responsibility.

Consequences from the University include a fine and potential loss of guest policy, closure of damaged areas, plus penalties on overall housing eligibility for the next year according to the email. No one has come forward yet.

The Resident Assistant of Ondrak Hall was contacted for more information however he was unable to provide information at this time. 

“There have been a lot of issues with property damage and such,” explained Jordan Chock, a resident on the second floor. “They keep happening,” Chock said when addressing the school’s way of solving these issues.

While vandalism has been an ongoing problem, many feel little has been done to ensure it does not happen again. “I was shocked how it happened, I wasn’t shocked that it happened,” said Relein. 

Residents have seemingly gotten used to acts of vandalism such as this. “That [feces in the sink] has only happened one time, but there have been other cases of reckless behavior at the dorm,” said Nick Diez, who is a resident as well. When asked to describe the dorm in one word Diez’s word of choice was “Mayhem.” 

With vandalism being an issue, some have questioned the living conditions of Ondrak Hall.

“Depressing,” was the descriptive word of choice for Chock. Opinions on the dorm seem to vary however with students rating their experiences differently.

“To be honest it could be a lot better, but you know we make the best of it,” added Chock. Other students feel that it has helped add to their experience at the University. “It’s been a great freshman year and I can’t wait for next year,” said Diez who feels it has been a positive living space.