“B Kind” Campaign Continues


Emma Nesbitt

Staff Writer

Student Senate presented their annual “B Kind” Campaign Monday, April 11th at 10:30am, with paying it forward at Starbucks in Goodwin Hall.

“A student-led initiative to remind us of what it means to be kind to each other within our Benedictine Community,” the Student Senate stated.

The Student Senate hoped to achieve their goal of having 125 people pay for the person behind them in line, receiving a “B Kind” sticker. Students had a chance to show their kindness by serving the community.

“This campaign started three years ago and allows senators and students to get together to spread positive encouragement on campus. I love how so many people take part in this, it’s always a successful turnout,” Lexi Trippiedi, Student Senate Public Relations Officer stated.

The “B Kind” campaign is important to the Student Senates’ goal for the University, by voicing the needs for the facility and development of students’ academic and social experience.

Reach out to the Student Senate @Benustudentsenate with any questions about their upcoming events or their club meetings