Volunteer Opportunities Hosted By Association of Latino American Students


Jesus Cortez

News Writer

A volunteer opportunity will be offered by CREO DuPage this Thursday at 12:30 p.m. at Kindlon 162. An executive director of CREO DuPage will be talking about the volunteer program and how students can help with their mission.

CREO DuPage is a nonprofit pre-college organization that focuses on helping Hispanic/Latino/Latinx students attain higher education. They do so by creating a supportive community, providing students with the right resources, and offering workshops to enhance their skills.

“With the foundational belief that education is a vital key to a full and successful life, our mission is to provide our families with college-centered services that will prepare students not only to enter college but also to graduate from college with a degree that will lead to a fulfilling career,” stated on their website.

CREO stands for Comunidades Realizando Estudiantes extraOrdinarios, meaning communities creating extraordinary students. The group is made up of a Board of Directors, an Advisory Council, and many volunteers.

The event is hosted by ALAS, Association of Latino American Students.