Club Ben is Back

The Pub at Coal Ben

Club Ben returns to Benedictine University with certain COVID-19 rules. Photo Credit: Jesus Cortez

Denzel Simmon

Staff Writer

This weekend Benedictine University is having one of its favorite student activities back on campus for the first time since pre-covid quarantines and restrictions. The Club Ben event required all students to wear masks for the duration of the event, but it was a great time for all that attended.

In order to ensure the safety of all, the event was put on with certain covid-19 protocols and restrictions. As mentioned, all attendees needed to have masks covering their noses and mouths at all times. In addition, no persons not currently attending Benedictine as a student would be allowed to enter. Despite these added restrictions, the event was a major success and was a fun way to take steps toward returning things to the way they had been before covid-19 changed campus life.

The event staff was led by Marvin and Kevin Agwomoh, along with other students and faculty. Of the process of bringing this event back to campus, Marvin said this:

“Club Ben coming back is very exciting for us. With all the covid restrictions and limitations, school activities have not been very entertaining or plentiful. So, the opportunity to sponsor Club Ben and make it an unforgettable night is important to us and we are excited to end the semester on a great note despite the challenges all of us have faced due to covid.”

His and the rest of the Club Ben planning committee’s efforts were largely successful. The night went off with a great turnout from students. They enjoyed music, and enjoyed a good time with other students on campus for one of the limited opportunities the campus offers.

Hopefully, this can be the first Club Ben to return of many, as the spring semester will have many more opportunities for further Club Ben nights. And, after the success of this past weekend, there may be more coming sooner rather than later.