Simple Ways College Students Can Save Money

piggy bank

College students can do these little things to save them a lot of money in the long haul. (Photo credit: iSTock)

Saher Khan

Perspectives Writer

It is the towards the end of the semester and right before the holidays, and this is where our finances are being squandered with gifts and tuition bills.

There are simple ways college students, according to the Collegiate Parent and my own experiences. Here are some strategies that college students can follow:

  1. Applying for as many as scholarships as possible
  2. Buying used or renting used textbooks
  3. Reduce the cost amount of eating out by planning your meals
  4. Buy snacks in bulk from Wal-Mart or another grocery chain to avoid paying more individually
  5. Make your coffee at home using a coffee maker instead of purchasing them at stores
  6. Drive less or carpool if possible. If it is convenient, consider taking the Pace Bus
  7. Use student discounts with your Benedictine student ID
  8. Use the accessible college facilities such as the gym and computer labs
  9. Keep an Excel sheet that tracks spending, budget, and expenses
  10. Consider opening a savings account for near-distant use and another savings account for long-term usage

Incorporating these habits into your routine can save you a lot over the long haul!