BenU Launches New BCard


Your Benedictine Student ID is now digital and can be saved in your mobile device. (Photo Credit: Benedictine University Website)

Emma Nesbitt

News Writer

Benedictine introduces the all-new BCard, formally known as the BenCard. This identification card allows students, faculty, and staff to transform their physical Benedictine University BCard into a mobile ID right from their phone.

Users must download the Transact eAccounts app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, verify their university credentials, then add their BCard to their mobile wallet.

“The BCard houses student Meal Plans and acts as a prepaid debit card with BBuck$, authenticates and grants cardholders’ access to campus buildings,” stated on the BenU website.

This is a new and improved way to access your account using an iPhone or Android, just by downloading it from the app store.

“Benedictine University is the first institution of higher learning in the state of Illinois to make this technology available to its students, faculty, and staff,” said in an email sent from the University.

The mobile BCard can be used at all Lisle campus locations such as the campus library, fitness center, dining locations including Benny’s Dining, #COFFEE Café, The Pub, the Market @ Kindlon Hall, and the Sports Complex Concessions, and much more coming soon.

The BCard will soon be able to be used at the campus store (fall 2021), select off-campus restaurants (spring 2022), and building access all across campus in just a few weeks.

Download the Transact eAccounts on the app store to get started today. Be sure to visit with any questions about the new BCard.