Benedictine Holds Trans Day of Remembrance

trans oragami

Attendees made origami cranes to honor the transgender people lost due to anti-transgender violence in 2021. (Photo Credit: Jesus Cortez)

Jesus Cortez

News Writer

Benedictine held its Trans Day of Remembrance last Thursday to honor the lives of the transgender individuals who passed away due to anti-transgender violence. 2021 has been the deadliest year on record with 47 deaths according to The Human Rights Campaign.

“The pure gut-deep sickness of being reminded almost every day how much society hates trans people is defeating at best and lethal at worst,” said Martyn Welenc, the president of Queers & Allies.

The event started off with a prayer hosted by Carol Allen, Campus Minister, and Peter Huff, Chief Mission Officer.

“This chaotic time in this chaotic world is why we need this day,” said Carol.

“Every time we host this event, I am blown away by the courage of our students,” said Marc Davidson Director of Student Affairs. “It takes so much to be who you are when you’re transgender, gender nonconforming, or non-binary and living out and proud.”

Attendees made origami cranes to honor the 47 individuals who were killed due to anti-transgender violence this year.

“It’s very difficult but satisfying once you get it down,” said Jacob Pipowski, the Treasurer of Queers & Allies.

Each crane will have the name of one of the individuals who has passed and will be put up on the wall in Krasa room 175 sometime after Thanksgiving break.

The event was brought together by Active Minds, Queers & Allies (Formerly known as GLOW), and Campus Ministry.