Thanksgiving Lunch Returns Tomorrow


Instead of the traditional dinner, this year’s Thanksgiving meal will be lunch. (Photo credit: Pixaby/Sabrina_Ripke_Fotografie)

Emma Nesbitt 

News Writer

Benedictine hosts their annual Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow November 18th, offering a meal to all students and staff. 

This event is located at Bennys and will be replacing the normal Thanksgiving dinner. The BenU community comes together for this event, and shares what they’re thankful for. Students and staff are encouraged to bring family members to the lunch.

 “We as a senate will be helping out to bring the community closer together during the holidays,” Senate Secretary, Joseph Maldonado. 

This lunch allows students and staff to celebrate as a community, including the Student Senate volunteering to manage the event.There will be different food and beverage options offered to those attending. 

“Student Senate will be helping out by running the apple cider table, picking up dishes, and walking around to make sure that everything is going well,” Maldonado shares. 

The Student Senate serves the BenU community by voicing their needs for development throughout the campus. For more information about the Thanksgiving lunch, contact the Student Senate.