New eSports Team at BenU


This new team is considered a club sport and meets in Krasa. (Photo credit:Axville/Unsplash)

Angela Plys

News Writer

Benedictine University’s eSports team is a new club this year, which is open to any potential members interested in competitive gaming. 

There are currently three main teams, namely the Smash Brothers team, the Apex team, and the Rocket League team.  A few potential gaming teams are currently being organized, such as a Duty team or an Overwatch team.

“The whole group stays connected mainly through using discord, and we practice every week with our coach,” said Antonio Rameriz, a member of the eSports team.

According to Rameriz, the team meets up at the Krasa Center in room 012, during designated days and times, which are decided on through the team’s discord chat. 

If you would like additional information about the club, then please watch the eSports team’s match on Nov. 19 at 4:30pm, in Krasa’s room 012. 

You may also email the Club Sports office at or Harold Watson at for more information about Benedictine’s eSports team.