Gold Mass for Science Students Taking Place Monday


Mass will be held on Monday led by Fr. Falasiko Matovu at the Chapel in Kindlon Hall. (Photo credit:

Nathaniel Marquez

News Writer

Benedictine will be hosting the Third Annual Gold Mass for Scientist and Science Students. The event will take place in St. Benedict Chapel in Kindlon Hall, 4th floor this Monday, November 15 at 5pm.

Celebrant Fr. Falasiko Matovu will lead the Third Annual Gold Mass.

Mass will be followed by the talk “Wonder in Faith and Science” given by Dr. Chris Stoughton. Dr. Stoughton’s talk will begin at 6pm. Additionally, refreshments will be provided following Mass.

This year’s Mass will be held in person following last year’s Mass which was live streamed during the pandemic. All are encouraged and welcome to come!

For more information, please contact Professor Matt Wiesner,