Foods To Help You Study

Man Studying

Omega-3s, Berries and Green Vegetables are three different types of food that will help you while studying. (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Kelsie Bald

Wellness Writer

Late-night study sessions are tough, but happen often in college. Students can rely on caffeine, drinking too much which causes headaches and other unwanted consequences. Too much caffeine is not going to help anyone get through all the information needed to ace every test. Coffee and tea in moderation, combined with brain-boosting foods is key. 

What specific foods will help to fuel the brain for long hours of studying? Here are three foods to eat before studying, or during those much-needed study breaks to help rejuvenate your brain for the grind.

1.     Omega-3s

According to Western Governors University, Omega-3s are important in improving healthier brain cells and decreasing deterioration of the brain. It is important to consume most of your sources of omega-3 from foods, not supplementation because the evidence isn’t as promising. Have a meal of grilled salmon before studying, or snack on walnuts to protect your thinking skills.

2.     Berries: 

In studies done by Harvard Health, antioxidant-rich foods were also found to protect brain cells. Berries, in particular, have antioxidants, while also containing important vitamins that are needed daily. Berries contain a high volume of flavonoids, which give them their coloring. There is research about flavonoids aiding in improved memory. Eat a few berries between flashcards, maybe you’ll remember it better!

3.     Green Vegetables: 

Leafy greens contain a rich amount of nutrients that improve brain function, according to Harvard Health. Vitamin K, lutein, folate, and beta carotene are found abundantly in these veggies. Now, nobody wants to sit and snack on kale and spinach but eating them in a salad with your favorite dressing or tossing a handful into smoothies is a perfect way to get these greens in your diet. If you aren’t a huge fan of the taste, putting spinach in smoothies is perfect because all the flavors disguise the taste.