Transgender BenU Students Can Use the Bathroom of Their Choice, Other Ideas Being Discussed

Trans Bathroom at BenU

The two gender-neutral bathrooms on campus currently requires a key for access. (Photo Credit: Jesus Cortez)

Jesus Cortez

News Writer

The idea of implementing a gender-neutral bathroom at Benedictine is currently being discussed. This would be like the men and women’s bathrooms. 

“Currently the only way to get access to the gender-neutral bathroom is through keycard access,” said a transgender BenU student who prefers to be anonymous. “Which means talking to admin and then going down to the police department to get your ID swapped to use the one in Goodwin, or you can use the one in Lownik but that’s a building students rarely go in.”

“We are in the early planning stages right now for the [gender-neutral] bathroom,” said Marc Davidson, director of student affairs. “There is not a timeline yet.” 

Benedictine allows transgender students to use the bathroom of their identified gender. Allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their identified gender is debated on a national level.

“I don’t feel comfortable using the men’s restroom right now but I equally feel judged when I’m in the women’s restroom because I’m worried who’s there will perceive me as something I’m not,” said the transgender student.

The student also mentioned that the bathroom in Goodwin has been having lock issues.

“I’ve been trying to get the door to the Goodwin bathroom fixed because the electronic lock has been broken for months now, which is an issue for handicapped individuals as well.”

Marc was recently notified about the issue and has confirmed he is currently working on clearing up the concern.

“Changing the signage on at least one bathroom in every building on campus would make it easier for gender nonconforming people in the BenU community to feel safer and seen,” said the transgender student.

The transgender student was glad to hear that Benedictine is looking into a gender-neutral open bathroom and expressed gratitude towards the staff and faculty.

“Benedictine has a very inclusive faculty and staff,” said the transgender student. “I’ve never felt dismissed or uncomfortable bringing up these issues.”