Mission Improvable Performing Tomorrow Night


An Improv comedy show will be coming to Goodwin tomorrow night at 8 PM. (Photo Credit: Missionimprovable.com)

Rutvi Parikh

News Writer

Benedictine University is bringing agents of Mission Improvable comedy team to perform with the BenU Students.  

“Mission Improvable Comedy Team are just a few audience suggestions away from creating a brand new and original production that’s all about whatever you tell them,” said Harold Watson, Director of Student Activities.

Mission Improvable is a team of actors who tour and put together a show for the audience. The unique aspect of their shows is that they not only perform for the audience but they also have the audience get involved with them for the performance.

“The audience members are the co-agents and participate in the hilarious theater games or ‘missions’ by yelling out suggestions. The on-the-spot randomness provided by the audience makes each mission truly unique and very often hysterical,” according to the mission improvable website.

There are four agents that are going to be performing here at BenU and they are, Agent Destroyer, Agent Skills, Agent Overkill and Agent Kim-Possible. The four agents are ready to come with something new, a twist for all.

“The fast-paced and exciting new form of comedy is a combination of MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’ and ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?” – but there is a bit of a twist. Just like in the old TV series ‘Mission Impossible,’ the Chicagoan actors in Mission Improvable pretend to be agents,” their website also stated.

Mission Improvable tour company also has their own social media pages where we can go to get to know the characters and see small previews of their show. The team travels worldwide to perform and always seem to excited to meet and interact with new audiences.

The team of comedy will be performing at Goodwin Hall and the show will start at 8:00pm.