Benedictine University To Host Annual Teach-In


The teach-in has been a big hit at Benedictine. (Photo Credit: Benedictine University)

Kaitlyn Estopare

News Editor

The Teach-In has become a large part of Benedictine University since 2017 and the 2022 theme was recently announced.  

The 2022 theme is Working for Justice: How to build alliances for the common good. Inclusivity, intellectual traditions, engaged citizens, the common good, and Benedictine hallmarks are unifying principles that shape the planning.

The Teach-In is an all-day event that has different sessions for students, faculty and staff to attend to gain knowledge and community building experiences.

“The Teach-In is where scholarship, activism, civic engagement, and engaged learning meet within a full-day program closely tied to our university’s Mission and Vision and our BenU Student Learning Outcomes. The Teach-In is a unique platform that showcases, advances, and also challenges the social justice work we are doing on our campus and in our surrounding communities. Our Teach-In has the potential to be what some call a “differentiator”—distinguishing our university (and the kinds of learning experiences we provide) from other liberal arts universities in the region,” says Patricia Somers, Director of Intercultural Education.

This event addresses critical issues of concern that occur not only on campus but also around the world, such as last year’s theme, Anti Racism, Public Health and Working Towards the Common Good, which was in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic and continuous backlash from racially motivated events.

In previous years, guest speakers who have personal connections with the theme have had sessions, this year a tentative agreement with one keynote speaker has been placed but not a final contract.

The Teach-In will again be held virtually, which was a success last year.

The University is requesting proposals for concurrent sessions only. This gives students, faculty and staff. In the past, this was a great opportunity for students to collaborate with and be mentored by faculty and staff. If you are interested in leading a concurrent session, click here to submit your proposal.