The Benefits of Eating Breakfast


Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day for good reason. (Photo credit: Pixabay/Einladung Zum Essen)

Saher Khan

Wellness Writer

There are benefits to eating breakfast because it is the fuel starter of the day. As college students, we tend to forget about eating breakfast because we are in a rush. When you miss breakfast, your body gets the signal that it needs to store calories instead of burning them if you skip, according to an article from Rush Medical.    

The benefit of having breakfast is that it provides enough energy if used with the correct choices, such as consuming foods with high fiber, low-fat protein shakes, etc. According to Hopkins Medicine, breakfast provides brain boosts, fuels the body, improves digestion, and much more. Eating breakfast can be delicious if you make it with your favorite foods. For instance, you may have had those moments in class or at work where you may feel starving, lightheaded, or in general all the above, and having something to eat may help you; it did for me in my experience.

Whenever I make breakfast to my liking, I feel more motivated to eat it and feel more energized. There have been times I have skipped breakfast and noticed that I would not have enough energy, feel lightheaded, and be jittery, especially when having coffee.  From that realization and further research, I indeed realized that it is essential, and it is vital to incorporate fruits, protein, and fibers.