ALAS Lunch Brings Hispanic Cuisine to Kindlon

Benedictine’s Association of Latin American Students served lunch to Hispanic Heritage Month. (Photo credit: Food Business News)

Dominic Fucile

News Writer

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) held a free lunch day last Thursday in the atrium of Kindlon Hall.

The lunch was served in a buffet style by members of the ALAS. Students could pick from a variety of dishes such as Quesadillas were both meat and vegetarian options were available, beef stuffed potatoes, rice, beans, and assorted pastries.

Dr. Perez Morales from the biology department is the advisor of the ALAS. She says that ALAS tries to hold a big lunch event at least once a year, especially during Hispanic Heritage month in celebration.

“We wanted to give free meals to the faculty and students.” Dr. Perez said, noting that the event also gave the club a chance to demonstrate the Hispanic culture though its food.

The lunch began at 12:20, and half hour later, the line was spanned the full length of the buffet table. Dr. Perez Morales was rather pleased with the turnout of the event.

“This year was the most important. I haven’t had so many (people) in one place.”

The ALAS does a number of other events both during and outside of Hispanic Heritage Month. Thursday, October 28 will see a sugar skull decorating event, also in the atrium of Kindlon Hall, in honor of “Día De Los Muertos,” or “The Day of the Dead.”

ALAS also engages in activities surrounding the struggles currently faced by Latin Americans. The day before the lunch, the ALAS partnered with BenTalks for “Waiting to be Welcomed: DACA, Detention, and Immigration.”

This talk was led by former Benedictine alum Juan Garcia, who is now the Latinx Coalition Manager for the Democratic Party in Wisconsin. Alongside Garcia was Natalie Figueroa, the president of ALAS.

Figueroa, who has been with the club for two years was also at the lunch and was also impressed by the turnout.

“I wasn’t sure how many people would come,” Figueroa said.

Both Figueroa and Dr. Perez Morales expressed the desire for ALAS to host more events in the near future.