Women’s Volleyball Celebrates Senior Day with a Victory

Volleyball Blocking

Women’s Volleyball defeated Lakeland on senior day for their 11th win of the year.. (Photo courtesy of Benedictine Athletics)

Angela Plys

News Writer

The Benedictine University women’s beat Lakeland University last Saturday at home.  The victory of 3-1 for Benedictine University occurred on senior day with the team honoring six of its seniors that day.

The opening set was close, with Lakeland University winning the set by scoring the last six points, making the score 21-25 for Benedictine University.  The last three sets were close wins for Benedictine.

“Well, we kind of had a slow start today, but we really got our serve on.  We were keeping the other team out of system. And then we started getting all our hitters going so they were defending us as well,” said Caroline O’Connor.

Some highlights of the game were performed by a few of the senior team members.  In the opener set, Kaitlyn Estopare had a run of five straights with a kill, which put Benedictine in the lead at 17-16.  The second set was opened with a kill by Hannah Griffith.  This was followed by Brooke Huizenga’s back-to-back put downs, giving Benedictine University a lead of 3-0. 

Yngride JeanPhillipe closed out a victory for the team with her scoring seven points in eight string.

“I think we really benefited from when our energy was high.  When we got good energy, we got a perfect pass, perfect set, perfect swing, and we celebrated after that.  That’s when we kept the momentum and we got on those runs,” stated Sam Zurawski 

After the game, the volleyball team had double the reason for celebration, with both a win for the team and senior day.