The Great Resignation of 2021

Employee shortage

Many employers are short staffed and desperate to hire new employees. (Photo Courtesy of Washington Post)

Saher Khan

Perspectives Writer

If you have been out shopping or going to restaurants, you may have noticed all the job listings that have said “Now Hiring” with a table filled with balloons, incentives, and a person greeting you. Two months ago, a Kohl’s manager was standing near the door and greeted me with a bit of sheet with a QR code and told me the benefits of working for their company. He was insisting if I knew anyone, to refer them to their company by scanning the code.

However, many companies are doing their best out of desperation to hire because the number of employees quitting is skyrocketing. According to the Washington Post newspaper, a “record 4.3 million U.S. workers quit their jobs in August, according to new data from the Labor Department”.

It concerns a shortage of workers due to the Pandemic, resulting in many quitting due to having no choice, safety concerns, and just for voluntary reasons. The service industry is suffering from these employee shortages and thus causing a loss of hours or limited hours.

Some people are quitting their jobs because it gives them a chance to change their career paths or try or learn something new. Many have left because of the unfair conditions and long rigorous hours. For example, Chipotle, a Mexican fast-food chain, has lacked workers and hence had to reduce their hours or only allow for mobile orders because no one could order in person.

I hope for the future is that everything people will return to work because it has caused lines and services to be delayed and has put a lot more strain on employees due to being overworked.